DSCF2051Hi, my name is Kathy. I am a Quilter/Textile Artist.  I claimed this title, a few years ago because bed and lap quilts are not the only things I create with fabric and thread. Like many Quilters, I have a deep passion for quilting.  I also, like many artists, have a great need to create.


My mother (a Quilter too) taught me to sew at the tender age of elven years old. By the seventh grade I was sewing blouses and skirts for my self. I was introduced to quilting in a high school Home Ec. class, I dived in whole heartedly.  I took breaks from it due to the needs of my young children and again when I returned to college to finish my BA of Education Degree.  Quilting gives me an outlet to create and fabric is my medium. I enjoy working with almost all types of fabric. Handling fabric and sewing on my machine are the major ways I de-stress.

My husband Jerry and I are enjoying the Grandparent Phase of life.  We have 9 grandkids.

DSCF2174    DSCF2191








Pictures of my water garden in a half whiskey barrel.  This little Pacific Green Tree Frog came to visit a few days ago.  You can see him sitting on the edge of the old fashion hand pump.    He sat patiently while I took his picture. 

We live in the Pacific Northwest  in Washington State. In addition to quilting,  I enjoy container gardening, embroidery, cross stitch,  reading and lately learning how to Blog.      I am fully involved with the training of my service dog, Pepper. Working together with Trainer Lisa, from Best Paw Forward , Pepper has learned his tasks to aid and help me. Training for working dogs doesn’t end when they finally master the targeted task, we practice his tasks daily.

Lisa works with canine/human teams to train the dog to do tasks which their person cannot do. Also, Lisa works miracles with people and dogs who have behavioral issues.


Meet Pepper! He is a 4 year old, 50/50 Lhasa Apso/ Shiz Tuz.   We adopted him when he was 8 weeks old.    He knows his job, when I need his help, but loves to play when he’s not working.  He loves sleeping on my quilts, he doesn’t mind at all if I’m still sewing on the binding.  He especially love the grandkids too.


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