Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018– January Block

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018

 January’s Block

I am excited to be a part of the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  As a participant of the project, I agreed to create an original block each month for the next 12 months, starting with this month.  Each block must be at least eight inches. Blocks can be any shape such as: square, hexagon, triangle etc… I have chosen to do eight-inch square blocks as I  already have another project with hexagon blocks. The suggested goal is to sew the twelve blocks into a single quilt.  I have chosen a different route.  I plan to create four panels that will hang side by side.  Each panel will consist of three blocks and each panel will represent a season of the year.  I am starting with Winter and my first block is January

My January block features a snowy scene with a little black capped Junco bird and a snow covered pine tree.


                                     The Junco

This little bird is a member of the Sparrow family.  They can be found from Canada to Mexico.  Juncos are primarily seed-eaters, they eat the seeds of chickweed, buckwheat, and sorrel. At feeders they seem to prefer millet over sunflower seeds. During the breeding season, Juncos also eat insects including beetles, moths, butterflies, caterpillars, ants, wasps, and flies. They build their nests in low areas, sometimes on the ground.

These little birds stay in our area year around. There is a bunch of them that like the Blackberry hedge in my front yard. It is fun to watch these busy little birds.

To create the pine tree, I used felted wool for the applique pieces.  The lace on the tree is vintage or antique lace.


I used wool felt for the Junco bird and the snowflake appliques.

I embroidered snowflakes with metallic thread and beaded each snowflake with glass seed beads and bugle beads.      I also added snowflake shaped sequins, sprinkled here and there on the block.

Below are close ups of the snowflakes, the bird and my seam treatments.

Upper left hand corner, snowflake

Upper right hand corner, snowflake

Lower left hand corner, snowflake

Unfortunately I cannot show you the block before I embellished it as my camera seems to have lost the picture. I am sorry I can’t show it to you.

You can view my block and other participant’s blocks at (click on the link)

Until next time,




I grew up in Yakima, which is located in Central Eastern Washington. I am married and have four adult children, nine grandchildren. I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Education. I currently live in the Tahuya Forest on the Kitsap Peninsulan in Western Washington. I learned to quilt in high school. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. I am passing this knowledge along to my daughters, granddaughters and anyone else who wants to learn these arts.

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