What to do When Life Doesn’t Go as You Planned

What to do When Life Doesn’t Go as You Planned

Life got a bit crazy for me this past fall and then it was time to make Christmas gifts.  My great plans took a huge detour after being in an accident Thanksgiving weekend, while returning home.  Although the car was totaled, Mr. B and I suffered only whiplash and bruises.  Our Guardian Angles were watching over and protecting us.  The injuries did slow me down a great deal and I had to cut back on the things I planned to do.  My blog also fell victim to the chopping block.  But I’m back and want to fill you in.

This past fall I took Kathy Shaw’s Traditional Quilt Course -201.  I enjoyed this course as It had been a long time since I took a basic quilting class.  It was good to review the basics.  The addition of embroidery kept the class from being boring.  After a couple of tasks which covered basic skills, including a lesson on how to check for a correct quarter-inch seam allowance, we finally got to the constructing lessons, where we got to make nine basic blocks.  Each block had an embroidery attached to it making it a Mug Rug.  I used the embroidery designs from Jenny Reynolds of Elefantz for my embroidery patterns.   

Originally, I had planned to give these little beauties away but I fell in love with the whole set.  Then a little voice in my head told me, they would look beautiful under my crystal snack dishes, as they were just the right size.  That was all it took,  to take them off the gift list.  Mr. B just laughed when I told him I just couldn’t give them away and repeated what the little voice had told me. 













































Christmas Gifts

I was able to make each of our grandchildren a Quillow.  I’m proud to report I used my stash to create the nine Quillows.  I had fabric left over from the quilts I had made them a few years ago.  My mom donated several yards of fabric for the backs of about three of the nine Quillows.  Each was about 60” square.  

I’m sharing a picture of one grandson with his Quillow.   From his picture you can see how joyful he was to receive such a cuddly gift.

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I grew up in Yakima, which is located in Central Eastern Washington. I am married and have four adult children, nine grandchildren. I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Education. I currently live in the Tahuya Forest on the Kitsap Peninsulan in Western Washington. I learned to quilt in high school. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. I am passing this knowledge along to my daughters, granddaughters and anyone else who wants to learn these arts.

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