Four More Hexagon Blocks done

Four More Hexagon Blocks Finished

I have finished four more hexagon blocks which were started as a part of Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course(ICQC) 103.  They contain the results of tasks given in ICQC 103, 104 and 105.  I have added other embroidery motifs, beaded embroideries, embellishments and seam treatments to fill in the spaces and complete the hexies.

1-Frog and Friends

This block features an embroidered frog at home in his pond. It was a ICQC 103 task.  In which, Kathy Shaw said to tell a story about the embroidery motif.  So I did, I gave him some friends and surroundings a frog might like.  There is a spider, two snails, one charm and the other is embroidered.  Also, a silk ribbon dragonfly, and a Cloisonné butterfly beaded lace butterfly, both fly above the pond.  I added a few cattails to frog’s pond.  To give the Cattails a fluffy look, I used a silk and wool thread.  Seam treatments provide flowers that surround the little pond.


To the right of the pond is a bouquet of beaded Lavender flowers.







2-Twisted Tree in the Garden

Another task in ICQC 103 was to create a twisted tree from different fibers. I used two colors of wool yarn and Pearl Cotton sizes 5 and 8, also in two colors. The leaves are done with 4mm silk ribbon in a Detached Chain Stitch.  A little bird charm sits in the tree.






The spider and its web in the climbing vine were another task from ICQC 103.  I used a DMC metallic thread for the web and two bi-cone glass beads of different sizes for the spider’s head and body. The legs are embroidered in a black silk thread. A Cloisonné bead butterfly and a beaded lace butterfly share this garden.






In a yellow rosebush which stands above the climbing vine, sits a singing Bluebird.

This sweet bird in the rose bush came from a task for ICQC 105, Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

To create my little bird, I used two colors four colors of silk floss.  I stitches the bird in the Chain Stitch to effect feathers.  The eye is a black, 2 mm round bead. For the beak, I used pearl cotton size 8. The roses in the flowering bush, are Fargo Roses made with 7mm and 4 mm silk ribbon.  The leaves are done in Detached Chain Stitch with 4mm silk ribbon.

3- Girl in the Garden

The girl in the center on this block is a Silkie and a ICQC 104 task. I over stitched this little girl’s hair with three types of thread; a rayon, a metallic and a poly-cotton thread. I stitched the little girl’s hair with the Chain Stitch. Last, I added a 4mm silk ribbon bow to the hat. The lace around the collar and the sleeve is done in the Crested Chain Stitch to add a touch of lace.

I used 4 mm silk ribbon for the flowers.  I chose silk ribbon Fargo Roses to over-stitch the roses that make the wreath.  The leaves are done in pearl cotton and I added 2mm ivory glass pearls here and there in the wreath for a little sparkle.

To the right of the silkie is a pair of appliqued, embellished hearts. This was an ICQC 104 task.  For applique, I like to use a technique that employs feather weight fusible interfacing.  This technique is good for simple medium to large shapes. This method ensures the raw edges are nicely turned under. After the hearts were appliquéd onto the block they were embellished with medium blue seed beads, size 8, light blue 4mm glass beads and size 10, crystal seed beads. The front heart is embellished with a rose cluster and three white pearls.




Above the girl is a pair of Pomegranates worked in silk ribbon, and gold silk thread with tiny Rocailles, size 14 pearl beads and 11/0 gold beads. The Pomegranates were a ICQC 105, Silk Ribbon Embroidery task. Finding a needle thin enough to go through the Rocailles, was a bit of a chore but I finally found the thin needles at Michaels Craft Store, in their beading department.

A hand-dyed oval lace motif, has been sewn to the fabric piece to the left of the girl silkie.  I have sewn 2 mm and 3 mm pearls on to the lace motif.





Above the seam treatment which borders the lace motif is a row of beaded blue For-Get-Me-Not Flowers.

                                  Directly below the silkie is a blue beaded button, blue glass flower beads and beaded flower sequins.  A navy blue and gold pressed glass butterfly, is sewn directly below the appliqued hearts.





4- More Critters in the Flower Garden


One of the tasks in ICQC 103 was to create a vine and a spider web.   The spider has anchored its web to the climbing vine, the grass on the ground and the tall grass to the right on the web.  I used a DMC metallic thread for the web and two round glass beads of different sizes for the spider’s head and body. The legs are embroidered in a black silk thread.

Above the climbing vine, flies an embroidered beaded bird.








Above the bird, is a flying Ladybug.








  Around the bird are embroidered beaded flowers; a red flower to the left and a blue flower is to the left of the climbing vine.







The seam treatments add additional flowers to this the garden block.

A Cloisonné bead butterfly and a beaded lace butterfly share this garden with the Ladybug and spider.

I have finished eight of twenty-four hexagon blocks.  So sixteen more to go.

Until next time,





I grew up in Yakima, which is located in Central Eastern Washington. I am married and have four adult children, nine grandchildren.
I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Education. I currently live in the Tahuya Forest on the Kitsap Peninsulan in Western Washington.
I learned to quilt in high school. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. I am passing this knowledge along to my daughters, granddaughters and anyone else who wants to learn these arts.

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