2020 Crazy Quilt Block Challenge – Block One

2020 Crazy Quilt Block Challenge – Block One

                                                                                                    Like many quilters I made a millennium quilt at the turn of the new century.  It started with a June 14, 1999 meeting of 20 Yakima School District’s teachers and paraeducators who also quilt.  Each member brought 20 zip lock baggies each containing 50 – two and a half-inch squares.  These were exchanged so members came away with 1000 – two and a half-inch squares.   







 20 muslin rectangles were passed around which attending members signed.  Each member received one of the rectangles to use as the quilts’ label.











I added 1000 additional fabrics to make 2000 different fabrics.   My mom gave me large scraps from her fabric stash so I would have the additional fabrics to equal 2000.  In addition, I had found three millennium themed print fabrics, two were lights and one a dark. This is a page from my Quilt Journal.




This past June, Sharon Boggon of Pintangle.com issued a 2020 Crazy Block Challenge.  The idea is to make a crazy quilt using 2020 different items by the end of the year 2020.  You can find the guidelines to the 2020 Crazy Quilt Challenge by clicking here. 

I decided to go with a 6 ½” (unfinished) square since I’m already working on a hexagon crazy quilt, the one I started as a part of Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course 103. This will be the first time I will be making a crazy quilt of this size.  I estimated it will take be 60” x 60”, which is 100 six-inch blocks embellished with 20 unique items.  I plan to count fabrics, threads, and embellishments such as beads, buttons, charms, lace and ribbons.  I will also count different embroidery techniques and seam combinations.


Here is my first block for the 2020 Crazy Quilt Challenge:

I used a modified version of Kathy Shaw’s Mix n’ Match Crazy Blocks, 6”, purchased from Ms. Shaw’s Etsy site. I can’t show it because of copy write laws, but if you have her first book, Crazy Quilting – Volume 1, Beyond Basics, page 79.    I eliminated a couple of the seams to make the fabric pieces a little larger.  I wanted more space for embroidery motifs. 






Here is the block unembellished:







The upper right-hand corner features an applique bird in a silk ribbon rose-bush.  This pattern came from one of the assignments in Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course 105 – Silk Ribbon Embroidery.






The upper left corner is embellished with ecru lace and a seam treatment of embroidered flowers formed with straight stitches and Bullion Knots flowers.  Below the lace a row of Chevron Stitches  are worked with small 6 mm blue glass heart and seed beads.  A metal bee charm is sewn above the Bullion Knot Flowers.




Lower left-hand corner features an embroidered dragonfly flying over a stand of cattail.  The dragonfly was a part of an embroidered interior decorator fabric.  I added 1/4th inch organdy ribbon stitched over the wings, to add dimension.  I also beaded the body with glass pearls and rice pearls.







Another embroidered interior decorator fabric was pieced into the center of the block.  Using the embroidered vining leaf, and an additional vine for the second flower, which I embroidered.  Then I added a Mother of Pearl flower and glass leaf bead to each vine. 

Above the center piece, this area is embellished with a lace flower, which I over stitched with Thread Gatherer’s Silk n Pearl #10, color:  Easter Parade.  An antique glass pearl button is stitched in the flower’s center.  A Cloisonné Butterfly Bead is sewn to the left of the lace flower. 



The lower right corner is embellished with a 1/4th inch wide vintage Jacquard woven ribbon.  Seam treatments are straight Stitches with Detached Chain Stitches and seed beads above and below are Straight Stitches with seed beads.  Three small antique glass buttons are sewn below the woven ribbon.






Here is my accounting system.  I used the record keeping ideas from both Sharon Boggon and Rosemary Dempster (Thank you ladies), in developing the forms I plan to use.  


















I am keeping track of fabric and embellishments used in a three-ring binder with plastic sleeves.



Until next time,



I grew up in Yakima, which is located in Central Eastern Washington. I am married and have four adult children, nine grandchildren. I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Education. I currently live in the Tahuya Forest on the Kitsap Peninsulan in Western Washington. I learned to quilt in high school. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. I am passing this knowledge along to my daughters, granddaughters and anyone else who wants to learn these arts.

2 thoughts on “2020 Crazy Quilt Block Challenge – Block One

  1. Rosemary Dempster

    Glad the tracking system was of use. Your block is lovely, and Ian envious you have done so any of Kathy’s classes. I am trying to keep my activities at a lower level just, so I have only done one. Hope to do more in the future.

    • Rosemary,
      Thank you for your kind words. Your organization of your records really helped me develop my forms for keeping track of what l’ve used.
      I learned so very much in Kathy’s classes. I used to look at Crazy Quilt and couldn’t figure out where to begin. Kathy Shaw showed me the way. Now l’m hooked. I think you will really enjoy her other classes. Best of luck.
      Kathy B

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