Done is Better Than Perfect!

“Done is better Than Perfect”

A funny thing happened on the way to finishing a gift. I was making the “Welcome Home, Summer! Door Banner” by APQ Quilts and More, Summer 2014, “Welcome Home Door Banners”.  As I was sewing on the binding, I realized the mini check fabric I was using was not a dark navy and white,  but was in fact, black and white.

Black and White Mini Check Fabric

Black and White Mini Check Fabric

I had sewn about a third of the binding on to the banner when this realization hit me.  I stopped sewing and thought, “What am I doing to do? Should I stop and rip it out, find the navy and white check fabric and remake the binding?  I was up against a dead line; we had planned to leave to go to Eastern Washington as soon as Mr. B was off work.  I had only a couple of hours and I still needed to pack, too.  The next thought I had was, “Does this black and white mini check fabric, work as the binding for this project?

I flipped the banner over to look at the front and then I realized, the buttons I was planning to use for embellishment, were black. (watermelon seeds)

welcome home summ-watermelon-webedtI also could use a black and white polka dot button in the center of the daisy type flower.  That was two tie-ends for the black and white mini check fabric.

welcome Home Summer-button-webedt

I also planned to use black pearl cotton to embroider running stitches for the bumblebee’s flight trail.  The button for the bee was black and yellow.



Here were more tie-ends for the black in the mini check fabric, so I decided to keep the black and white binding and continued sewing it onto the banner.





After I finished sewing the binding to the front side of the banner, I folded the binding to the backside of the banner and pinned it in place to sew by hand. I realized the binding looked not just, okay but good, very good.

Welcome Home, Summer Door Banner

:Welcome Home, Summer Door Banner




I was pleased with the color combinations and with the project over all.  I hope the recipient of this door banner will love it and never know a different color binding was planned. (unless she read this blog).  The lesson I have learned (again) is summed up by the quote “Done is better Than Perfect”. Plus I was able to give this gift on time!


Note: The picture is not the banner I made and gave away, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it before giving it away.  This banner is one I made for myself.  It hangs in my sewing room.

Happy Sewing!

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I grew up in Yakima, which is located in Central Eastern Washington. I am married and have four adult children, nine grandchildren.
I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Education. I currently live in the Tahuya Forest on the Kitsap Peninsulan in Western Washington.
I learned to quilt in high school. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. I am passing this knowledge along to my daughters, granddaughters and anyone else who wants to learn these arts.

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