My Hexagon Crazy Quilt Blocks

My Hexagon Blocks

from Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilting Class

This past spring and early summer I took Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilting Classes (ICQC), 103, 104 and 105.   Here is a quick description of the classes, straight from Kathy Shaw’s blog:

ICQC-103: Embroidery Motifs and Seams: This course expands basic embroidery to create various motifs for crazy quilt blocks. Patterns for a variety of hexagon blocks are provided, or students can use fabric “doodle cloths” to create their work. The embroidery is extensive in this class but not technically too difficult.”

“ICQC – 104 Motifs with Fabric and Threads: This course continues the embroidery work of the prior course and is technically more difficult. This class pushes the embroidery to include fabric by creating various slips, dimensional applique, and embellished applique pieces.”

“ICQC -105: Silk Ribbon Embroidery: is a new offering. It is totally about silk ribbon embroidery and a variety of different motifs to work up. The designs are printable directly to fabric; so, no tracing needed.” (you can find her at

In ICQC 103, I choose to do the hexagon blocks instead of fabric pages or doodle cloth, however I wasn’t able to finish all 24 Hexagon blocks while I was I taking the courses.  So, I am working to finish them.  I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to do the “quilt as you go” or join the block together after I finish embellishing the blocks.”

For my theme, I have chosen a “Magical Garden”, I’ve included flowers, animals and a few Cicely Mary Baker’s Flower Fairies.

Here are the first few blocks I’ve finished embellishing:

Block # 4 –  this block was done as an assignment for ICQC-104 After studying the materials given for this task, reviewing the information on design from the BCQC, as suggested, and looking at many examples of framed silkies on Pinterest and the internet, it just seemed natural to stay with the oval framing that was a part of the image.

After adding the lace to the left side of the block, I was afraid it appeared a bit heavy. But after adding the motifs and lace to the right side, I think the block came out a little more balanced.  I wanted to embellish the laces with small Fargo Roses.  I thought the pale blue ribbon, wouldn’t imbalance the block and the pink would help balance it.

Block # 10 -The Wisteria Vine was from ICQC – 103.

I’ve never done Raised Applique before and I really enjoyed making this little rabbit.  (From  ICQC-104)

 I left the right ear unstitched, the photo doesn’t show it very well.  For the tail, I used a yarn like thread called Sheeps Silk, by The Thread Gatherer and a stitch called Turkey Work.  After stitching the loops, I clipped and trimmed them, so it created a little pom-pom. I gave this bunny a garden to play in and a dressed him up with a blue silk ribbon around his neck.

Block # 11– Beaded Slip from ICQC- 104.  Here is my beaded fox face slip.  This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this task.  I truly enjoy learning new things.  Although this task was tedious, I did enjoy doing it.  I couldn’t find the right colors in the smaller beads.  After a consult with a bead shop employee (Shipwreck Beads, Olympia WA), I decided to use size 11/0 Delica beads. I learned The Delica Beads are a “true-cut” bead, meaning they are of a uniform size and was told “very suited for this kind of task”. For the eyes and mouth, I used 3 mm black beads.

I enlarged the pattern by 10% to accommodate the larger bead.  I was trying to avoid the “clunky” look.

This block also features a Ribbon Lady, from ICQC -105.  I pretty much followed Kathy’s directions for making the Ribbon Lady, with just a few subtle additions or alternations.  They are as follows:
Umbrella – I used two colors floss, medium pink and light pink. The medium pink accentuates the ribs of the umbrella.

Hat – I added three silk ribbon French Knots for flowers and two Detached Chain stitched for leaves.

 – I added Wrapped Back Stitches, worked in a silk thread, size 10, light pink, to the sleeve cuff and the bottom of the bodice.

I will keep you posted on my progress as I continue working on the remaining

crazy hexagon blocks.

Until next time,