One Block Ten Ways

One Block Ten Ways


I wanted to share a few photos of gifts I’ve made over the last ten months.  Last September I took Kathy Shaw’s, Beginning Crazy Quilt Course, (BCQC). I put my finished block from that first class in a frame and displayed it in my Living room. (Block 1) When family and friends came to visit, it was admired. Several of them said they would like my framed block to be gifted to them.  They were only half kidding.

 Block 1

After looking at it, my son asked “That was a “beginner’s class”? I need to say here, I was a beginner at Crazy Quilting, not embroidery.  Embroidery has been my first love in regards to all types of needle works.

I have been doing embroidery since I was a young girl and have learned many techniques since my first lessons from my paternal grandmother.  She taught me the basics of what she called “plain embroidery”.

I decided to make my mom (Block 2) and mother-in-law (Block 3) each a framed crazy quilt block for Christmas 2016.









Block 2

 Block 3

Both moms love flowers, so I stitched flowers in their favorite colors.  On my mom’s block (#2)  I stitched, yellow roses, for her mother’s yellow rose bush.  I added charms that represent things each loves.

Block 4

I had enough time to make two more framed Crazy Quilt blocks so I decided to make one for my oldest daughter and for my daughter in law.

My oldest daughter loves dolphins and the ocean, so I made her block look like a scene from under the sea and added charms of fish, dolphins, and other sea critters. I stitched sea plants and a few gold fish. I also added a few buttons to look like buried treasure.



Block 5

My daughter in law loves the color red. She is of Japanese heritage and has decorated her home in that style. I found a cute little Kimono doll small enough to go on the block as a large charm.  When I found the pattern of the pagoda on Pinterest, I just knew it had to go on her block.


Working on such an intense color was a challenge. I used a white chalk pencil to mark the base seams and later the combination seams.

 Block 6

The next framed block was made for my son’s girlfriend. Her favorite colors are  hunter green and dark blue. She likes penguins. But these penguins live in a flower garden instead of an ice burg. Again I had the challenge of working with dark colors.



Block 7

My youngest daughter’s favorite colors are gray and teal.  Her favorite animals are fox and octopus. She, like myself, enjoys gardening,  so the little foxes have a flower garden to romp and play in.  However, the octopus needed a watery environment.   I created a tiny ocean scene in the bottom

right corner for the octopus to live in.

 Block 8

This block was made for my father in law’s wife.  Her favorite color is blue and she too, loves flowers.







The last two blocks were made for my granddaughters.  Even though they are young (10 and 12 years old) I’m hoping they will take care of these gifts I’ve made for each of them.


 Block 9

My youngest granddaughter’s framed block features an embroidered harp, as she has been taking lessons to learn how to play this beautiful instrument. She also loves My Little Pony’s Rainbow Brite.  In the bottom right corner is a little wolf charm, for her pet wolf.


Block 10

My oldest granddaughter’s block was made with gold and black fabrics.  When she told me her favorite color was black, I told her I needed  lighter color to go with the black and she chose gold.  Her favorite things are wolves and Asian  things. So, I used the pagoda pattern again and added a small Kimono doll.

This block also features a beaded wolf’s  head. I did a Google search to get images of wolves so I could get the correct shading for the bead work.  This granddaughter is also musical, she plays the flute, and bass clarinet.  To represent her love of music, I have added a treble clef and musical note charms in the top left corner. This block needs to be put in it’s frame.  I will have it ready for her birthday which is at the end of this month.

After making this block ten times, I am ready to move on.  I am working the twenty-four hexagon crazy quilt blocks which were started in Kathy Shaw’s Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course 103. I have three of those finished.  When I have all twenty-four finished, then I can draft and piece my own crazy quilt blocks.

Until next time,