Gold Dragonfly in the Garden

A Black Meadow Hawk Dragonfly on a spent Iris bloom

A Black Meadow Hawk Dragonfly on a spent Iris bloom

A Golden Dragonfly in My Garden

As I was looking through the photos I had taken of  my garden  I found I had photographed the namesake of my blog.  I realized this picture was taken at the time I was preparing to launch this blog.(June/July)


Although I don’t believe in omens, I do believe in blessings. I acknowledge I have received and continue to receive many blessings from my Father in Heaven.  It seems,  the visit of  this beautiful creature,  gave a blessing to begin this blog.  Some may disagree and call the event a     coincidence, maybe it was.  But I like to think it was a blessing.

I did a little research to find out what type of dragonfly, this golden creature is and found it is a Black Meadow Hawk Dragonfly.  It’s black marking will become more pronounced as it matures.


This beautiful creature inspired me to create a pattern for a piece of quilted art.  I will share it with you in the near future. I can tell you it is a combination of embroidery and pieced quilt blocks.

I hope you can look and find blessings in your life.

Until next time, Happy Quilting!